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Quality coffee grinders are essential equipment to any coffee lover's kitchen. Grinding coffee beans just before brewing ensures the freshest flavor and produces a wonderful aroma to enjoy during preparation.

Blade Coffee Grinders: Blade coffee grinders provide a simple, cost effective means to grind coffee beans for your morning brew. These grinders utilize a blade that spins very fast to pulverize the coffee beans, a process similar to crushing ice in a blender. Grind fineness is varied based on the amount of time you grind. The primary disadvantages of blade grinders are the inability to provide a very consistent (uniform) grind fineness and also heat generated by friction at the bean can destroy some of the coffee flavor. Espresso Zone only recommends these for brewing methods that require a coarser grind, such as filter drip, percolator and French press.

Burr Coffee Grinders: Coffee beans are loaded into a hopper which feeds them into the grinding mechanism (burrs), then the ground coffee is deposited into a removable receptacle or directly into your espresso machine portafilter depending on the model. The primary advantage of burr coffee grinders is uniform grind fineness which is optimal for any brewing process. Higher quality burr grinders also feature a gear reduction or a heavy-duty, slow speed motor which reduces heat generated by friction and preserves the coffee's natural flavor. Slower grinding speeds also tend to reduce static electricity build-up for less mess.

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