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LavAzza BLUE Capsules

Espresso Zone stocks the full line of LavAzza BLUE capsules including various espresso blends, gourmet teas, consomme and dry skim milk. LavAzza BLUE is an innovative capsule brewing system that delivers exceptional quality espresso at the touch of a button; perfect for home, offices, waiting rooms and restaurants.

Important Note: These LavAzza BLUE cartridges are only designed for use in LavAzza BLUE espresso machines. They do not fit any other type of espresso machine such as LavAzza Espresso Point, Keurig, Nespresso or ESE pod machines.

Save with quantity discounts! Discounts for various quantity levels are available for our LavAzza BLUE capsules. Specific details are show on each item page.

21 Item(s)

21 Item(s)

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