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Espresso Pods

Espresso pods enable anyone to produce rich, creamy espresso consistently and conveniently without guesswork or mess. Our E.S.E. style Italian espresso coffee pods feature premium coffee that has been perfectly pre-ground, pre-measured and pre-tamped then sandwiched between two pieces of biodegradable filter paper. Each single-shot espresso pod that we carry is also individually wrapped for freshness and can be used in any espresso machine designed to accept E.S.E espresso pods (45 mm, 7 g). We also carry some double-shot espresso pods which are compatible only with commercial espresso machines specifically designed for double-shot pods.

Espresso Pod Advantages:

  • Consistent: Coffee is pre-ground to the correct fineness, pre-measured and pre-tamped to the ideal compaction for perfect espresso every time.
  • Convenient: Simply tear open espresso pod wrapper and your ready to brew; no grinding, measuring or tamping required.
  • Clean: Once your espresso is brewed, simply remove the pod; no wet, messy ground coffee to clean out of the machine portafilter.

Please Note: ESE espresso pods are not for use in one-cup coffee makers such as Senseo, Philips or Melitta.

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19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)

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