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LavAzza BLUE Capsule Espresso Machine LB2312

LavAzza BLUE Capsule Espresso Machine LB2312

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The LavAzza BLUE LB2312 capsule espresso machine is perfect for home, offices, waiting rooms and restaurants when authentic Italian espresso is desired at the touch of a button. This innovative espresso machine has been designed to offer the ultimate ease of use so that coffee lovers of any skill level can brew espresso, cappuccino, latte and even premium teas. Simply insert a LavAzza BLUE capsule and select either a small (espresso), double espresso or large (Americano) by pressing the respective button; in less than a minute your fresh, hot brew is ready to enjoy. In addition, a powerful built-in steam wand is provided for frothing milk to prepare a cappuccino or latte comparable to those from the finest cafes. Cleanup could not be easier with the LavAzza BLUE coffee machine; once the brew cycle is complete used capsules are automatically ejected into a removable storage drawer for periodic disposal. Additional features include an intuitive LCD display for easy operation and programming, an adjustable pre-infusion cycle, adjustable brewing temperature, actively heated cup warming surface, programmable power on/off timer, hot water dispenser and a large 1-gallon water reservoir.

Important Note: This LavAzza BLUE espresso machine only uses LavAzza BLUE capsules. It does not accept any other type of capsules such as LavAzza Espresso Point, Keurig, Nespresso or ESE espresso pods.
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  • LavAzza BLUE LB2312 capsule espresso machine
  • perfect for home, office, waiting rooms and restaurants
  • modern, sophisticated style with digital LCD display
  • one-touch automatic brew volume buttons for small (espresso), double espresso or large (Americano)
  • powerful steam wand to froth milk for cappuccino and latte
  • large built-in 1-gallon water tank (no water lines required)
  • removable drawer stores up to 25 used capsules
  • initial warm-up time approx. 2-3 minutes (can be left on all day)
  • hot water dispenser
  • standard 120V/1500 watt operation (no special wiring required)
  • dimensions: 12"W x 19"D x 15.5"H
  • includes 1-year parts & labor warranty
  • made in Italy

LavAzza BLUE LB2312 Espresso Machine - Operation Overview

Step 1

LavAzza LB2312 Espresso Machine Step 1
LB2312 Operation - Step 1

Add water and turn on the power switch. The LavAzza BLUE LB2312 machine warms up quickly and is ready for use within a few minutes.

Step 2

LavAzza LB2312 Espresso Machine Step 2
LB2312 Operation - Step 2

Insert a LavAzza BLUE capsule.

Step 3

LavAzza LB2312 Espresso Machine Step 3
LB2312 Operation - Step 3

Press the button corresponding to your desired brew size, small (espresso), double espresso or large (Americano). The LavAzza BLUE LB2312 machine then begins the brewing cycle and automatically stops when the correct brew volume is reached then ejects the used capsule to the lower storage drawer.

Step 4

LavAzza LB2312 Espresso Machine Step 4
LB2312 Operation - Step 4

The powerful built-in steam wand can then be used to froth milk for a cappuccino or latte if desired.

Step 5

LavAzza LB2312 Espresso Machine Step 5
LB2312 Operation - Step 5

Used capsules are automatically ejected to the removable storage drawer.

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Great Review by Gluxx

it was so easy to use

(Posted on 6/27/15)

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