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LavAzza Espresso Point Hot Cocoa Kit [50/case]

LavAzza Espresso Point Hot Cocoa Kit [50/case]

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Please Note: This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for order or backorder. Thank you!

This LavAzza hot cocoa kit allows you to make rich, creamy hot chocolate right in your LavAzza Espresso Point espresso machine. Each kit consists of a bag of sweetened hot cocoa powder and a cartridge of dry skimmed milk; simply place the cocoa powder in your cup and extract the milk cartridge into the cocoa using your Espresso Point machine for a thick, delicious hot cocoa in seconds. Sold by the case, each case containing 50 packets of powdered cocoa and 50 milk capsules.

Please Note: For use in machines that accept "Espresso Point" style capsules only; these capsules do not fit any other type of machine.

  • LavAzza hot chocolate kits for Espresso Point machines
  • case of 50 single-serving kits (1 packet dry cocoa and 1 milk capsule per kit)

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