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LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Capsule Machine

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Capsule Machine

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Please Note: Sadly LavAzza has discontinued production of the Matinee and it is no longer available for order or backorder. Fortunately, we do offer other capsule machines, including an Espresso Point compatible model; please click the following link to view these:

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The LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee offers revolutionary coffee brewing technology allowing anyone to effortlessly and consistently prepare authentic espresso, cappuccino or latte. Hundreds of thousands of these innovative machines are used in Italy and around the world due to their convenient design, clean brewing system, commercial quality and sophisticated looks. The patented Espresso Point system uses prepackaged, single use capsules filled with premium LavAzza Italian espresso coffee which has been perfectly roasted, ground, tamped and sealed to lock in the freshness.

Simply insert a capsule into the LavAzza Espresso Point coffee machine, select from either espresso (small), long espresso (medium) or Americano (large) and in seconds your delicious coffee is ready. The Espresso Point machine also features a built-in steam wand for frothing milk to make a cappuccino or latte comparable to those from the finest coffee bars. Cleanup is also simple with these LavAzza expresso machines, used capsules are automatically ejected into a removable storage drawer each time a new one is inserted so your hands never get wet or dirty when brewing. Designed as an office espresso machine, for waiting rooms, food service operations and home use, the Espresso Point machine features commercial grade construction and a stunning polished stainless steel housing with gold accents that looks great in any environment. Additional features of this LavAzza espresso machine include a large built-in 1-gallon water tank, cup warming surface, and a hot water dispenser. Expanding opportunities even further, premium tea capsules and hot cocoa kits are also available for the Espresso Point system in addition to a wide variety of LavAzza regular and decaffeinated espresso blends.

Important Note: This LavAzza Espresso Point machine only uses LavAzza Espresso point style capsules. It does not accept any other type of capsules such as LavAzza BLUE, Keurig, Nespresso or ESE espresso pods.

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  • LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee espresso machine
  • perfect as an office espresso machine, for waiting rooms, food service and home applications
  • stunning polished stainless steel housing w/ gold accents
  • one-touch automatic brew volume buttons for:
    • small (espresso, 1 - 1.5 oz. approx.)
    • medium (long espresso, 2 - 2.5 oz. approx.)
    • large (Americano, 3.5 - 4 oz. approx.)
  • steam wand to froth milk for cappuccino and latte
  • large removable 1-gallon water tank (no water lines required)
  • removable drawer stores up to 30 used capsules
  • compact and portable, requires little counter space
  • initial warm-up time approx. 2-minutes (can be left on all day)
  • hot water dispenser
  • standard 120V operation (no special wiring required)
  • UL and NSF listed for commercial use
  • dimensions: 9.25"W x 11.5"D x 14.25"H
  • includes lid access key and cleaning kit (brew chamber spreader, brew chamber brush and spout brush)
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty
  • made in Italy

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee - Operation Overview

Step 1

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Step 1
Matinee Operation - Step 1

Add water and turn on the power switch. The LavAzza Espresso Point warms up quickly and is ready for use within a few minutes, the six brew button lights will turn on when the machine is up to temperature.

Step 2

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Step 2
Matinee Operation - Step 2

Insert an Espresso Point style capsule, when you close the brew chamber door the fresh capsule is placed in proper position while pushing the used capsule into the storage drawer below.

Step 3

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Step 3
Matinee Operation - Step 3

Press the desired brew button, choosing from espresso (small), long espresso (medium) or Americano (large) and in seconds your delicious coffee is ready. The Matinee stops brewing automatically once the selected brew volume is reached, or if you prefer there is a continuous flow button that brews until you press STOP.

Step 4

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Step 4
Matinee Operation - Step 4

Froth milk if desired for cappuccino or latte using the built-in steam wand, when ready simply press the steam button.

Step 5

LavAzza Espresso Point Matinee Step 5
Matinee Operation - Step 5

Used capsules are automatically discharged into a removable storage drawer for recycling or disposal at your convenience.

Customer Reviews

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very convenient! Review by eliza

Getting a quick and delicious espresso is a piece of cake with this machine - expensive, but hopefully it will last.

(Posted on 6/25/17)

Addictive Review by Tonin

Make better coffee than any existing machine I have tried before. I have tried most of high end machine. Mine has been broken twice in 15 years. I was able to repair it the first time. The second happened now and I will take it to the repair center again hoping it last another 15 more. Compared the Lavazza coffee with Nespresso is like comparing diamond with coal.

(Posted on 10/22/16)

Worthy of every penny! Review by Lisa

We first saw these machines being used in restaurants in the British West Indies and had always desired a machine that made really good cappuccinos but didn't take up a huge footprint or cost over a thousand of dollars. After being served cappuccinos from several resorts that used them we were sold and have now had this in our home for 5 months and LOVE it. The coffee pods make it easy and are delicious and the steaming wand produces great frothy milk. Admittedly, it did take a little finesse at first to make good foamy milk that we so enjoy, but once figured out, we are happily enjoying several cappuccinos daily. Highly recommend.

(Posted on 10/8/15)

Great espresso every time Review by Johnnieboy

Have machine #3. First is still in use (15 yrs), second given as gift, third is used in my summer home. Wouldn't give them up for 20 wives

(Posted on 9/14/15)

Simply The Best ! Review by Judy

I have had two of these machines for well over ten years. One is in my main home and the other in my summer home. Espresso, Cappuccino, and regular coffee are all perfect every time. This is a great price as well. When I bought mine, these machines were new to the market and cost several hundred dollars more. They have been used regularly, and have always performed well. Maintenance is minimal: just an occasional cleaning to keep the taste fresh. Highly recommend!

(Posted on 7/23/15)

Best espresso machine! Review by Judy

I have had two of these machines for more than 10 years. One is in my home and one is in my vacation home. They are both used regularly and have always functioned well. I even use the XL cup button to make regular coffee instead of espresso. The LavAzzo coffee and espresso are both excellent! I agree with the reviewer who said regular cleaning with the brushes is necessary for the best flavor. While the price is high it is well worth it. And the current price on this sight is hundreds less than i paid when I got mine in 2002.

(Posted on 5/20/15)

Love it! Review by Nunzio S

Great Espresso Machine!

(Posted on 11/29/14)

Best choice Review by Tonin

There are a lot of different espresso machines. I have tried a quite bit of them. None has performed a more consistent, better job that this one. I own ones for more than 8 years and other the decaling it once every six months and replacing a bulb once it has worked the same from the beginning. Although it is not specified in the instructions, it is very important to clean every day the machine with the brush provided. Even forgetting once to clean it, the resulting coffee is not going to be the same.

(Posted on 11/5/14)

The best! Review by Lauradids

We love our LavAzza Espresso Point machine! It makes a cup of espresso just like you get in Italy!! It's the best!

(Posted on 10/29/13)

Best tasting espresso by far... Review by Pdub

I've owned this machine for about 9 years now and love it so much, I bought one as a wedding gift for my best friend. None of the chain coffee places can hold a candle to the taste of the LaVazza pod. My only complaint would be the timer for the short and long shots no longer work and I have to use the Americana button and manually stop it. My friends machines thermostat gave out after nearly 7000 shots. Problem is there are no authorized Lavazza repair places in SF or the East Bay, and even the nice peeps at Espresso Zone couldn't recommend anyone locally.

(Posted on 10/26/13)

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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