Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The AeroPress offers an innovative new way to manually brew coffee under a mild pressure resulting in a rich and delicious beverage that is somewhat of a cross between stovetop "moka" coffee and espresso. Simply place a filter in the AeroPress and place the unit on top of you favorite coffee mug. Add a measured scoop of coffee into the brewing chamber, pour in hot water, stir lightly, wait about 10 seconds then gently push down the plunger. Enjoy the brew straight, add hot water for an Americano or foamed milk for a cappuccino.

  • Aerobie AeroPress coffee brewing set
  • 4-cup capacity (based on 2 ounce "cups")
  • complete set includes AeroPress brewer, funnel (if you wish to grind coffee right into the unit), coffee scoop, stir and 350 filters
  • made in the USA


wow! tastes so good!
I have always used the stove top espresso makers and liked the strength of the coffee and the looks of the maker. But I forgot mine on a camping trip and someone lent me the aeropress. It was amazingly good - I certainly didn't expect to like it that much since it looks like a french press. So I bought one for me for camping but every time I got back from camping I was disappointed with my morning coffee. It didn't take long for me to switch completely and it is all I use now. You can just pop the used grinds out in one puck so it isn't messy at all, it's light, transportable, hearty... I do sort of miss the aesthetics of the stove top espresso makers, they are a lot more pretty but the flavor of my morning cup is always perfect!
World's greatest portable Expresso maker. A joy for an outdoor experience.
Coffee clown
This simple and ingenious devise makes delicious coffee neatly and needing little time. or clean-up. Virtually unbreakable so perfect for the traveler who demands the best in coffee flavor.
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