Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder

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The Baratza Virtuoso is an extremely well designed burr coffee grinder, offering professional level performance combined with a stunning appearance. Every aspect of the Virtuoso speaks quality, from the professional grade 40mm conical burrs and powerful slow speed motor with gear reduction to the beautiful brushed satin metal base and upper housing. The grinding burrs are easily adjusted through (40) forty settings to produce a perfectly consistent grind fineness from ultra-fine for commercial type espresso machines through coarse for French press pots. A convenient front mounted pulse on/off button allows you to grind directly into your espresso brew basket if desired, while a 60-second timer can be used to easily repeat grind times. Additional features of the Baratza Virtuoso include a large 8-oz. bean hopper and a 5-oz. removable anti static ground coffee bin. The Virtuoso is designed for home, office and light commercial applications.

  • Baratza Virtuoso burr coffee grinder
  • 40mm commercial grade conical burrs
  • powerful 480 watt motor w/ gear reduction
  • (40) grind settings for espresso through drip & French press
  • brushed satin metal base & upper housing
  • side mounted 60-second grind timer
  • front mounted pulse on/off button
  • large 8-oz. bean hopper
  • removable 5-oz. ground coffee bin
  • designed for home, office & light commercial applications
  • dimensions: 5.5"W x 6"D x 14"H
  • Baratza 1-year warranty
  • grind applications based on Espresso Zone testing:
    • French press, percolator, vacuum pot, drip, stovetop moka, espresso machines (all types, both pressurized & non-pressurized filters)


Excellent mill
I got this mill to replace/supplement a 15+ year old Braun mill that does an adequate job at its finest setting, but with a great deal of noise. The Baratza Virtuoso is a much better mill. It is very quiet, can grind very fine, and is set up in a way that makes it much cleaner. The coffee drawer comes out without making any coffee dust, and there seems to be some anti-static treatment on the drawer so the grounds end up in the bottom, not stuck to the sides. It has both a timer and a pulse button and with some practice one learns how long a run time is needed at a given fineness to fill the basket on your machine just right. My only complaint is that the markings for fineness of grind are difficult to see. They are raised but not colored, and very small. I have not had it long, but it seems very heavily built and I hope for a long service life.
Best small grinder I can imagine
We use this Virtuoso for grinding fine coffee for espresso. It has pleasing curves, and is built with the best materials. It grinds as fine as you may want. The static-free bin empties completely. The noise level is quite good. A simple timer can grind automatically or an on/off button can grind manually. We have used the machine for over a year and had to clean the cutting burrs once. Even though the bin only holds a small amount of grounds, the grinder works so fast, that it is easy to accumulate a full can of grounds quickly. The unit has a small footprint, so it fits our coffee station just fine. And, it is well weighted down low for stability. Our new espresso machine didn't put out a good cup of espresso until we bought this grinder. I thought the price was a little high, but we were advised to pay up to 50% of the cost of the espresso machine for the bean grinder. Good advice.
Great Product
Tried many coffee grinders, but the Virtuoso exceeds them all in quality, consistency, counter space requirements, looks, and noise during operation. Baratza probably offers the best service available. Easy to get parts and repair, if needed. However, the product is very well designed and built, and will last for years. I've had a 585 for 8 yrs and am just now upgrading to the 586. I do not make expresso at home, so I cannot address the grinder's ability in that area, but for french press, brew, Aeropress, etc. the grinder will give you a consistent taste.
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