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Rhino Coffee Gear Tamper [Black]

Rhino Coffee Gear Black Tamper
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Suitable for use in a fast paced cafe or in a cozy home setting, Rhino Coffee Gear's Tamper has been skillfully crafted to make shot pulling feel like a breeze. Ergonomically designed to compliment the shape of your hand, and weighted at 500g to more easily achieve the recommended 30 pounds of pressure needed for tamping. Rhino Coffee Gear has also included high quality materials in their design for increased longevity using 304-stainless steel for the tamp base, and 6061-aluminum for the handle. Crafted with precision and care, Rhino Coffee Gear's Tamper is sure to become your right-hand-companion in preparing top quality espresso!

Be sure to check the size of your portafilter to ensure the tamp you select is the correct size.

Size Options: 58.4mm | 58mm | 57mm | 53mm

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