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New! Coffee - A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoying

We just got in a batch of Kenneth Davids' seminal coffee book, Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying and we highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in an in-depth explanation of pretty much all there is to know about coffee.

Covering the entire lifecycle of your favorite bean, this book talks about history, agriculture, roasting, tasting, grinding, brewing and serving -- a resource-rich compendium that will most certainly answer any coffee-related question you might have had.

Kenneth also authors the website Coffee Review, which provides detailed assessments of hundreds of different coffees from around the world. If you're looking into trying out some new coffees, his website is definitely a place to start your research.

2 thoughts on “New! Coffee - A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoying”

  • Thank you very much for bringing this book to my attention. As a long-time coffee lover myself, I'm fascinated by these sort of "behind the scenes" explorations into my favorite daily beverage. :-) Although this seems like a book that would make a great gift for a few people in my family, I think I'll be picking it up for myself!
    Thanks again,

  • Kat Oak

    Hi Michael -
    Yeah, it's a great read for anyone who digs coffee. Hope you enjoy!
    - Kat

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