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Health Watch: Caffeine & Weight Loss

While we might find caffeine in myriad weight loss treatments -- from wraps in the spa to popping pills to colonics (ouch!) -- there is not a ton of reliable evidence that indicates it really is an effective method of weight management or loss. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic's nutritionist Catherine Zeratsky, many of the studies that have been performed on how caffeine impacts metabolism have been with animals or of a quality that didn't create statistically viable evidence. In fact, studies involving decaffeinated coffee also showed some positive impact on weight loss, suggesting that something other than caffeine in coffee contributes to losing weight.

However, some of us have had anecdotal experiences with caffeine helping us lose weight, and Zeratsky says that effect could be attributed to appetite suppression, calorie burning or water loss. Keep in mind, however, that if you're drinking your triple grande breve frappuccino, there ain't no amount of caffeine that will balance that excess in caloric intake!

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