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Compare: Breville Barista Express vs. Rancilio Silvia

After a couple of requests for this comparison model, Gail breaks it down for us: features, pros, cons, performance, etc. While the Barista Express includes a built-in grinder and a lower price tag, the Silvia + Rocky combo is a time honored tradition.

Watch Gail go through their specs and whip up a latte on each of these machines to show you how they compare in terms of performance and end product.

2 thoughts on “Compare: Breville Barista Express vs. Rancilio Silvia”

  • Katie

    Since the new upgrades have been made to the breville barista, would you recommend this product over the silvia? Thanks!!

    • Brenna

      Hi Katie,

      The Barista Express is definitely more consistent than it used to be, and you can certainly dial it in to get a great shot, but we usually don't recommend it over getting a machine and a grinder separately (as you would with the Silvia). This is because while it is certainly convenient to be all in one, if something should happen to one component (machine or grinder), then you are out for the count, rather than just out a portion, and could still use the other component to potentially still make some coffee in some way. It is also easier to clean when you have just the grinder alone, as you can tilt and turn the machine much easier as you clean it.

      There are a few other reasons why I'm sure I'd consider the Barista Express and the Silvia equal either. We’ve generally understood that the Silvia is made with a bit higher grade components (more like a commercial machine), so you may not get as long of a life out of the Barista Express as we generally expect from the Silvia. Also, since the grinder on the Barista Express is intended for espresso only, it has a more limited range, whereas a stand alone grinder like the Rocky or Preciso will have a wider range for brewing in other methods as well.

      I hope that helps!


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