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Tech Tip: Saeco Odea Test Mode & Troubleshooting

Saeco OdeaWe had a customer come into the store a few years ago with his Saeco Odea Giro in tow. He loved the coffee that it made and wanted to have it tuned up by our repair team. While he had it in, however, he wanted to find out if his model had a particularly tender heart because he felt like the only way it would work each morning is if he started out by giving it a hug.

It's true that the Odea series kind of got a bad rap because not only were its sensors particularly sensitive, it had limited tools with which to communicate its feelings to you. What does a slow blinking exclamation point mean versus a fast blinking or solid exclamation point?

In these two videos, Brendan demystifies the rather cryptic errors and alarms that the Saeco Odea series of espresso machines can show. Then, he shows us how to take the machine into Test Mode so you can run each functional component separately and diagnose what might be having an issue.

If you're in need of a secret decoder ring for your Saeco Odea machine, check out these videos.

SCG Tech Tip: Saeco Odea Series Test Mode

SCG Tech Tip: Saeco Odea Alarms & Errors

2 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Saeco Odea Test Mode & Troubleshooting”

  • Pritish


    My Saeco odea does not turn on anymore. Any ideas what could cause it

    Tested the outlet and power cable.

    Is there some fuse that needs to fixed?


    • Felicia Kloewer
      Felicia Kloewer August 9, 2016 at 1:21 am

      Hi, Pritish!
      It's hard to say without knowing anything else about it. Our customer service will be able to help you out though. They’ll be able to ask you some questions and potentially diagnose the issue with you.
      Please feel free to reach out to us when you can:
      Hours: Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm | Saturday, 9am – 6pm (pacific) | Closed Sunday
      Phone: toll free – 866-372-4734 | 206-774-3164
      Email: [email protected]

      I hope it gets resolved!

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