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(Not So Scientific) Experiment: Brewing Tea in a Pressurized Portafilter

You may remember that not so long ago we posted a blog about brewing tea on your espresso machine. Wha?! Yep, true story. At the time, we had a lot of fun with it and found that we could pressurized_teasuccessfully pull a whole cup of tea through a pressurized portafilter. There was even a layer of tea crema. So crazy and so cool.

Around SCG, we're always looking for different ways to use the equipment we already have. So this was pretty exciting to us, especially given that there are cafes specifically dedicated to this type of tea experience...and now we could do it ourselves!

If you're more into videos than text-based articles, we've created one specifically to walk you through the process of "dialing in" your cup of espresso machine-prepped tea. Now we're off to daydream about the possibilities of tea lattes. Let's say it together now: Yummmm!

2 thoughts on “(Not So Scientific) Experiment: Brewing Tea in a Pressurized Portafilter”

  • r-gordon-7

    Very interesting! Is there any reason not to try this out on a manual lever machine? (Mine is a Gaggia Factory) Also, I note you don't tamp at all. Might some very light tamping (provided the tea isn't ground so fine as to choke the machine) help hold the puck together and prevent "gunking up" the group head screen - especially when lifting the lever for a second whole or partial pull on a manual lever machine?

    • Brendan

      Hello! We don't carry the Gaggia brand so I can't give you a definitive answer. However, with a lever machine, those typically do not have a pressurized portafilter like the Via Venezia. A pressurized portafilter or basket will allow for the proper pressure to be built up before the water comes out of the spouts. With tea, it is important to have this build-up (I woud imagine) because otherwise the water will just start running straight through, and not even steeping for what is already a short length of time. Additionally, the tea expands much more than coffee does, so you will always get a messy brew head. I hope that helps!

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