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SCG's Coffee Subscriptions—Fresh Beans To Your Door


Your Coffee. Your Schedule.

Gone are the days of stale beans, empty cups and last minute coffee runs. Say hello to the new way to make coffee you love at home—SCG Subscriptions!

We launched SCG Subscriptions to bring you specialty roasted coffee delivered straight to your door. Choose from some of our favorite roasters and set your mailing frequency to fit your coffee consumption. With guaranteed freshness on your schedule and 5% savings on every order, the hardest decision you'll make is picking your coffee.

What Coffees Are Subscribable?

Most of our coffees offered year-round and some seasonal selections are available for SCG's coffee subscriptions. Every eligible coffee will offer a red subscription button before checkout. Generally, coffees like single origins that are roasted for a short time will not be available for subscription—unless you sign up for Join The Club! Select the single origin option and the SCG Crew will pick three single origins to receive our latest favorites!

Bonus: We offer subscriptions on teas, syrups and cleaning supplies too!

How Fresh Are The Beans?

We adhere to the roaster’s freshness policy for our beans. Each roaster sets their freshness date and your order will adhere to their guidelines. If you ever have a concern with your order, we’re happy to help!

What's The Delivery Schedule?

The frequency we offer is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. You can set your first order to take place anytime from checkout or in the future. You can expect to receive your order from then on—with the exception of delays made by the courier, weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

How To Sign Up

Step 1. Get Started Here

Start at the page to discover what coffee subscription is right for you!

What's The Difference Between One Or Two Bags?

When you subscribe to two bags of coffee, we offer free shipping and the option to mix or match coffees!

What Is Join the Club?

Glad you asked! SCG will pick three coffees for each of the three clubs offered. The clubs are Espresso, Coffee and Single Origin. We've curated this ever-changing selection for different brew methods and will choose coffees we think will shine the brightest in each brew! Joining one of the clubs is perfect for anyone looking to expand their coffee palate.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.07.27 AM (2)

 Step 2. Shop By Taste, SCG Picks or Clubs

Click on Get Started and you’ll be directed to our coffee. You can browse through coffees based on their flavor profiles, specialities, staff picks or choose to Join the Club.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.03.10 AM (2)

Step 3. Choose Your Coffee

Found some coffee you like? Awesome! On coffees that are available for SCG's coffee subscription, under the “Add to Cart” button is the “Subscribe” button. Click on “Subscribe” and the website will prompt you to log in to your SCG Account.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.04.49 AM (2)

Step 4. Schedule Your Coffee

Log in or create your Seattle Coffee Gear account and fill out the subscription information. In your account, you will be able to:

  • Adjust frequency between every week, two weeks, a month or two months for delivery
  • Set the start date for your first order
  • Address who’s receiving the delivery
  • Change your address when you move
  • Add, change or cancel your order at any time!

Make Coffee You Love

That’s all there is to it! Put the pep back in your morning routine and brew yourself another pot of coffee. With SCG's coffee subscriptions, you can have coffee, tea, syrups and cleaning supplies mailed to your door on your schedule. Sign up for SCG Subscriptions to receive freshly roasted coffee from our curated selection of roasters.

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