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January Tasting Recap: Slate Coffee Roasters & Kickapoo Coffee

Slate_Tasting_010518 (12 of 31)

Providing excellent coffee to our customers is something that we strive to do as coffee aficionados. We know the joy that comes from tasting a cup of something you've never had before and picking up on its unique tasting notes. We also know that comforting feeling of drinking one of your favorite "old standby" blends or single-origins.

This January, we were lucky to host two of our favorite roasters, Slate Coffee Roasters and Kickapoo Coffee, for educational in-store tasting experiences featuring their flagship roasts and seasonal offerings from their collections. Slate Coffee is recognized as one of the best roasters in Seattle and has long been an SCG staff favorite. Kickapoo is SCG's newest roaster and hail from Wisconsin. Their Organic Ethiopian Idido was selected as a Good Food Award winner in 2016.

See more from the coffee tastings below!

Slate Coffee Roasters

Slate_Tasting_010518 (1 of 31)Slate_Tasting_010518 (8 of 31)

Slate_Tasting_010518 (18 of 31)Slate_Tasting_010518 (13 of 31)

Purchase Slate Coffee here!

Kickapoo Coffee

Kickapoo_Tasting_011218 (10 of 10)Kickapoo_Tasting_011218 (8 of 10)Kickapoo_Tasting_011218 (2 of 10)

Kickapoo_Tasting_011218 (7 of 10)

Purchase Kickapoo Coffee here!

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