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Roast of the Month

  • Roast of the Month: Tony's Ethiopia Deri Kochoha

    It's time once again for Roast of the Month! This month we're featuring an incredibly delicious Ethiopia from Tony's Coffee. Tony's offers consistently good coffee, so we've been excited to see how they handle this roast!

    This natural Ethiopia comes from the Deri Kochoha processing station. Roasts from this station were really exciting last year, so we're happy to see Tony's deliver a delicious finish to these beans!

    The Deri Kochoha processing station processes coffee from approximately 600 farmers. This diversity in producers really affects the beans that leave the station. It means that from year to year, this processor develops wildly different exports. The coffee is dried on raised tables in a natural process, leading to the intense berry notes in this roast.

    Rich, Sweet, Smooth

    And intense they are! The flavors on display here are strawberry, cocoa, and peach. We think Tony's nailed these notes, with the strawberry really taking the lead. If you're familiar with naturals, you'll be familiar with the strongest flavors here. Like the all of the best naturals, this Tony's opens up into rich chocolatey notes that fold into the strawberry flavors wonderfully. What really sets this coffee apart is how it finished. A soft stonefruit note finishes the flavor palate, leaving you with a pleasant, fruity, but mild aftertaste. It's a great invitation to take another sip!

    This is a delicious roast for pourover brew methods, which bring out the brighter, berry notes deliciously. After you get the full range of flavors out of the pourover, this is a roast that some will love as an espresso. It's tricky to dial in single origins, even more so when you're working with a natural that has stronger flavors. That said, the results can be phenomenal!

    However you decide to brew Ethiopia Deri Kochoha, we're sure you'll love this excellent roast from Tony's. Grab a bag right here today!

  • Roast of the Month: Burka Gudina Ethiopia from Spotted Cow!


    Complex, approachable, and delicious!

    We try to bring you a wide range of origins and roasters with Roast of the Month. With that said, sometimes a certain origin really nails it for a season, which is why we've been enjoying so many Ethiopians lately! At the very least, we are very excited to feature Spotted Cow, a roaster we've yet to bring you as a Roast of the Month! This single origin couldn't be a better introduction to this talented roaster!

    Burka Gudina starts as a solid Ethiopian with flavors you'd expect. On first sip, the predictable, yet delicious, berry notes of a natural from the region surface. These flavors combine with richer chocolate notes to give you that delicious "chocolate with a cherry on top" you get from a good natural. What really impresses us with this roast is how much deeper it goes. Sometimes complex coffee can really overwhelm the palate and be a lot to handle. Not so with this roast!

    Another rarity with more complex coffees is the heavy body. Often when there are a lot of unique notes, they come from brighter, lighter bodies. This usually comes down to roast level. This Spotted Cow is an example of a true medium that doesn't sacrifice richness. We also really love the bit of tamarind that the roaster notes, we really tasted it! That sweet/sour balance makes for a really interesting and approachable roast.

    We recommend checking this one out as a pourover first. While it does feature a heavier body, this brew method is still the best for nailing those more complex notes. Once you've tried that, experiment! Our suggested roast methods are just a guide, and we always encourage experimenting with coffee. We've yet to try this one as an espresso, but we'd love to hear how you like it!

    Grab a bag here!

  • Roast of the Month

    Hey coffee fans!

    It’s that time again for Roast of the Month! This month we’re featuring a delicious single origin from Victrola: Yirgacheffe Yirgz!


    What’s with that name?


    The Z in YIRGZ denotes that the coffee has zero defects. That designation comes from the extremely rigorous sorting and processing that the beans undergo after harvesting. Victrola notes that each 14kg batch is hand sorted for 12 minutes, which is 300% longer than is typical for the region. This coffee is sourced through Keffa, a coffee broker that puts as much dedication behind supporting quality of life for their producers as they do the quality of coffee. This results in excellent coffee made even more excellent by an inspired roaster!


    This roast offers a range of complex tasting notes. We got a strong citrus flavor at the front of the palate with a satisfying spice around the edges. Also notable is the floral aroma that will greet you as you prepare for your first sip. It’s a really nice, delicate scent that improves the experience of this coffee. As far as brew methods are concerned, we recommend trying this one out as a pourover first to get the complexities and more delicate flavors in this roast.


    We love this roast and can’t wait for you to give it a try! Check it out here.
  • Roast of the Month: Ladro Roasting Myanmar Yay Chan Pyin

    It's time for another roast of the month here at SCG! This month we were excited by the unique flavors in Ladro Roasting's Myanmar Yay Chan Pyin! Read on for why:

    Unique and Delicious

    Myanmay Yay Chan Pyin comes to us from the Shan State region of Myanmar and the beans were grown at an elevation of 1,534 meters. Generally coffee from Myanmar features a big body with heavier flavor notes, and this is true here as well. What sets this coffee apart for us is just how complex it is. Sometimes we pick the smoothest or best all around cup, but in this case we definitely can't get over the range of notes going on with this roast.

    The nose on this roast is wildly complex, with earthy, sweet scents not quite overwhelming the senses. At the front of the coffee you really can taste the brown sugar notes. This sweetness reminds us of baking cookies or cake, but quickly gives way to the flavors imparted by the natural processing of these beans. That natural taste manifests as a tropical, fruity note that Ladro has identified as Guava. It's definitely different than the more berry notes that South American and African natural processing creates. We love it here. Finally, the earthier, cedar tones hit the back of the palate, rounding out this coffee nicely. You're left with a earthy, slightly tart, but overall smooth mouthfeel that is very satisfying.

    Brew Methods and Closing Thoughts

    Ladro recommends using a drip method or pourover for this roast, and we agree. It's a light one, so pourover is really the best way to tease out the roast's more complex notes and aromas.

    Like most coffee from Myanmar, this one is a micro-lot. That means it won't last forever and we have a limited stock! Snag a bag for yourself here!

  • Roast of the Month: Toby's Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000

    Welcome to October's Roast of the Month, featuring Toby's Estate Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000!

    Sweet and Creamy

    This roast is a true winner when it comes to balancing sweetness and mouthfeel. The beans in this coffee were processed using a technique called "honey-process". This is similar to the honeyed process you may have learned about in the past, where some cherry is left on the bean while drying. The "white" part of the term refers to the amount of mucilage left on the bean, and the length of time it is given to ferment. The result of this process and the roasting technique is a flavor profile similar to that of a natural, but less intense.

    For this roast, that means delicious sweet notes of caramel apple and cherry soda, alongside creamier, chocolatey notes. What we love most about this roast is the way these flavors bend around the palate. It makes for an intensely satisfying mouthfeel and a taste you'll want to experience again and again.

    As is often the case with naturals and honey processed roasts, brew method is key. We recommend trying this roast as a pourover first, to really get the most out of it. This brew method will give you a clearer understanding of the roast's notes. From there, try dialing it in to your espresso machine or press! Just avoid using these beans in a super-auto. While not very oily for a honey-process coffee, we still recommend sticking to blends in these machines to prevent clogging.

    Grab your bag of Toby's  Estate—Costa Rica Santa Teresa 2000 here!


  • Roast of the Month: Olympia Kenya Kiandu

    Kenya Kiandu

    This month's roast of the month comes to us from the folks at Olympia Coffee Roasting! Kenya Kiandu is an intensely delicious single origin. While this is a washed process, it features strong flavor notes that you might normally associate with a natural. This is in part because of the unique washing process, wherein coffee is allowed to ferment for a day between cherry removal and washing. The result is a delicious explosion of berry, floral, and rich notes. You'll be able to pick out the strawberry and caramel notes even without a refined palate. On top of this, strong floral aromatics will delight your tastebuds as well as your nostrils!

    We love Kenya Kaindu in a variety of filter methods, but as usual we recommend a pourover to get the most complex notes. Get this delicious roast while you can!

  • Roast of the Month: Bluebeard Coffee Roasters — Santa Maria Yucuhiti

    This month's roast of the month is a delicious single origin from Bluebeard Coffee Roasters: Santa Maria Yucuhiti!

    This Mexican single origin features some enticing flavor notes, and definitely doesn't disappoint. We loved the rich and creamy taste of caramel and chocolate with the sweetness of blood orange. This washed process roast is also smooth enough to enjoy as a daily drinker, so consider grabbing a couple of bags more than you might for other single origins.

    As with many lighter single origins, the best way to enjoy this roast is as a pourover. This will allow you to get the most out of the coffee's more complex notes. It also helps control acidity, so that the flavors aren't overwhelmed with "coffee" taste. We think you might just love this roast enough to want a whole pot pourover to yourself! So check out Bluebeard's Santa Maria Yucuhiti here today! We're pretty sure it's a coffee you'll love!

  • Roast of the month: Elm Coffee Roasters—Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

    Delicate and Delightful

    This month's Roast of the Month is Elm Coffee Roasting's fantastic Ethiopia Worka Sakaro!

    An extremely delicate roast, this single origin offers an incredible combination of flavors that
    are exciting and interesting every time you brew. Upon opening a bag of Ethiopia Worka Sakaro you'll be met with aromas of vanilla, smooth coffee, and flowers. It's inviting and delicious even before and during brewing.

    The intensity of the floral and vanilla notes in this roast are striking for a washed coffee. An incredibly bright and delicate mix of flavors comes together across the palate to delight. The vanilla is smooth and direct, with floral notes hitting around the edges of the palate. All of this combines with a rich coffee flavor that is strong for a light roast. Because of this, Ethiopia Worka Sakaro is a great every day roast.

    While we love the flavors and aromas of this roast, like many other delicate and floral coffees we do strongly recommend brewing it as a pourover. We also recommend you pick up a couple of bags of this one! Since this roast is a single origin, it likely won't last forever!

    Grab a bag of Elm's Ethiopia Worka Sakaro here today!


  • Roast of the Month: Toby's Estate—Colombia Aidé Garro

    This month we're featuring an exciting, complex, and surprising single origin from Toby's Estate: Colombia Aidé Garro.

    Fruity Delight

    This delicious roast comes by way of it's namesake, producer Aidé Garro. The beans were grown in San Carlos, Urrao, Antioquia at an elevation of 200 meters. These beans are of the Caturra Chiroso variety and were wet-processed.

    One of the joys of this roast is how much of the original bean comes through. It's fruitiness is a clear remnant of the cherry surrounding the bean on the plant, but without the fermented taste of a natural. Specific notes of watermelon, cherry, and lime, as noted by Toby's, are present. These combine to create a delicious overall flavor with a buttery smooth mouthfeel.

    Easy Drinking Complexity

    Because this roast doesn't have the strong flavor of a natural, it means that it's easy to drink. We find this roast as an excellent way to get into more complex coffees because of this. This roast is best enjoyed as a pourover to pull the most delicate notes from the coffee. While you can brew it in a drip brewer, we do recommend against a press, as this coffee was specifically designed for drip methods.

    Get your own bag of Toby's Estate—Colombia Aidé Garro here today!


  • Roast of the Month: Olympia Coffee Roasting—Burundi Gitwe Honey

    This month's roast of the month is a stellar single origin from Olympia Coffee Roasting.

    We were immediately taken by this Burundi. Coffees from the region can be very hit or miss. Natural process Burundis tend to taste extremely strong, to some presenting sour, stale notes. While we definitely didn't find that to be the case with Olympia's Gitwe Natural, we love the Honey processed version even more.

    A Study in Processing

    Honey processing is a middle ground between washed and natural processing.  Washed processing involves removing all of the fruit from the plant, then cleaning the beans with water. This gives you the purest taste of the beans themselves, without any fruit adding to the flavor. By contrast, a natural process means leaving fruit on the beans through processing, causing the beans to absorb some of that flavor. In a honey process, fruit is partially removed, and the remaining plant is left to sun dry. This processing results in a flavor somewhere between a natural and wash processed coffee. You still get the fruity flavor, which manifests in the cherry and pomegranate notes of this roast, but without the bite of a natural. This allows the richness (represented here by notes of rum) of the beans to come through without being dashed by heavy sweetness.

    Order While You Can!

    The only downside to this roast is how limited it is! As with any single origin, when it's gone, it's gone, and Olympia has already completed roasting for this one. Grab a bag here! It's worth noting too that while we did love the honey process version, all of Olympia's Burundis this season satisfy. If you can't (or even if you can!) get ahold of a back of Gitwe Honey, be sure to check out the natural and washed versions as well.

    Check back with us next month for more roasts of the month!

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