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  • Video Roundup 6/14/2019


    Welcome to another video roundup! Let's jump in.

    First up, check out this grinder Crew Review with Gail!

    Next up, it's John with a commercial Crew Review!

    And last but certainly not least, another Coffee Collaboration with Clementine!

    That's all for now! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Video Roundup: 6/7/2019


    It's been another fun-filled week here at SCG. Let's jump into what we've been up to!

    First up, Gail gave us her Spring picks!

    Next, we took a look at a brand new commercial machine with John.

    And finally, it wouldn't be Friday without a coffee collaboration with Clementine!

    Thanks for joining us, have a great weekend!

  • Video Roundup: 5/31/2019

    Happy Friday!

    Welcome to another Friday Video Roundup!

    First up, it's a wonderful crew review of the new Jura Z8 from Allie!


    Next up, Gail gave us a classic Crew Review of the brand new Rocket Espresso Faustino grinder!

    And finally, an all new Coffee Collaboration from Clementine (with special guest)!


    That's all for now! Join us next week for more coffee content!

  • Video Roundup: 5/24/2019

    We've got tastings, reviews, and collabs for you this week in our video roundup!

    First up, Nicole, Allie, and Clementine tasted some coffee from one of our newest roasters, TOCA!

    Next, we've got a commercial crew review of the Rocket Boxer Timer with John.

    Finally, it wouldn't be Friday without a new Coffee Collaboration with Clementine!

    That's all for now! Enjoy your weekend!


  • Video Roundup: 5/17/2019

    Welcome back to another video roundup!

    This week we've got a Commercial Crew Review of a barista favorite, some Breville tips and tricks, and a new Coffee Collaboration with Clementine!

    First up, Gail offered up some Barista Pro tips!

    Next, John gave us a Crew Review of the fabulous La Marzocco Linea PB.

    Finally, it's another delicious (or is it?) Coffee Collaboration with Clementine!

    That's all for now! We hope you enjoy and we'll see you next week!

  • Video Roundup: 5/10/2019

    Hey coffee fans!

    We have a couple of new videos to share with you this week!

    First up, John took a look at the Curtis GSG Commercial grinder!

    Next up, we tasted our Roast of the Month, from Intelligentsia!

    Be sure to check out or YouTube page later today for the newest Coffee Collaboration with Clementine!

  • New Product: Jura Z8

    Last week we took a look at the Jura D6, but that's not the only new Jura machine! The Z8 is a high end machine with an extensive featureset that justifies its high price point. So what sets this machine apart from its sibling machines?

    Connectivity and Performance

    The Z8 takes the stellar performance of Jura's existing machines and adds in a whole lot of connectivity and ease of use features.

    The most noticeable addition is the 4.3 inch touchscreen. This display is clear and concise, and reminds us of a high quality mobile device. The interface is extremely clear and easy to use, giving you a huge degree of control over your drinks.

    This machine also features smart visual touches like a blue-lit water tank, smart tracked filtration, and one-touch options for your favorite drinks. On the whole the Z8 offers 21 drink recipes, most of them with a high degree of customization.

    The Z8 also connects to Jura's J.O.E. mobile app, giving you control of this machine via bluetooth.

    None of this would matter if the machine didn't perform, but thankfully, the Z8 does. Using Jura's P.E.P. brewing process, this machines brews hot, well extracted espresso. The Z8 also steams impressive milk using the included cappuccinotore.

    Overall, this is a strong machine operating at the top end of the superautomatic price range. Check out the Z8 on Seattle Coffee Gear right here!

  • Video Roundup: 5/3/2019

    Happy Friday!

    We're back this week with another video roundup! This week we've got a couple of good ol' fashioned Crew Reviews along with a brand new coffee collaboration!

    First up, a look at the new Baratza Virtuoso!

    Next up, yet another Crew Review with Allie! This time of the brand new Jura D6!

    And finally, Clementing brewed up something out of this world in Coffee Collaboration!

    Thanks for joining us this week. We'll be bringing you more videos to enjoy next week!

  • Video Roundup: 4/26/2019

    Welcome back to another video roundup!

    This week we're kicking things off with a tasting of a brand new roaster to SCG: Quills Coffee!

    Next up, Gail gave us a crew review of the Oxo Brew drip grinder!

    And finally, a brand new coffee collaboration from Clementine!

    That's all for now! Join us next week for more great coffee clips and tips!

  • New Product: Miir Travel Mugs!

    Taking coffee on the go is a constant struggle. There are thousands of different travel mugs out there, but that won't stop us from hunting for the best one! This week we're excited to introduce Miir Travel Mugs to our catalog of drinkware!

    Miir mugs are simple and effective. These mugs use vacuum sealing double walls to preserve temperature whether hot or cold. They also come with things you'd expect like a non spill spout and ergonomic design. We appreciate that these mugs keep things like ice cube and cupholder compatibility in mind. There's more though!

    The Miir mug uses medical grade stainless steel that is durable and long lasting, but doesn't impart any flavors. On top of this, the whole container is BPA free. This means nothing will make its way into your coffee when you use it with this mug. Finally, this mug is dishwasher safe and is available in multiple sizes!

    Check out Miir for yourself here!

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