Bodum Pebo (Santos) Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker

Bodum Pebo (Santos) Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker

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Watch the Bodum Pebo (previously named the Santos) in amazement as the water begins to boil in the bottom bowl, then rises under light pressure to the top chamber and mixes with the ground coffee. Shortly after the pot is removed from the heat source, perfectly brewed coffee begins to be pulled under light vacuum back into the bottom chamber. The process is fascinating to watch and an interesting conversation piece when entertaining. Best of all the coffee produced is full flavored and aromatic with virtually no sediment or bitterness. 6-cup (34-oz.) capacity.


  • (1) Bodum Pebo stovetop vacuum coffee maker
  • (1) bowl lid
  • (1) funnel holder
  • (1) funnel lid
  • (1) reusable filter
  • (1) measuring spoon
  • instructions


The Best Method of Making Coffee
Scott S.
I have tried every method of brewing coffee which exists (I think) over the years and this method produces the best tasting cup I have ever had and with minimal sediment. Grind the coffee on the coarse side of medium (a cupping grind). Start with room temperature bottled water. Brew on high heat and move the brewer to a room temperature surface after about 20 seconds of air bubbles being sucked up into the upper chamber. This creates a good vacuum and the coffee will rush back down into the lower pot (and it also stirs up the coffee grounds). Don't worry about the pot being left on the burner dry because it won't happen unless you go off to the store and totally forget that you were brewing coffee. The closer the water gets to boiling the faster the process goes and this gives you a good brewing temperature and timing.
Great Coffee, Great Fun
Jah Love
I have had one of these coffee makers for over 6 years. It is exactly as they say, the coffee is reliably more flavorful, less bitter, and has less sediment. This is the best brewed coffee I know of, and I am a coffee geek. Also, it is fun to watch and amazes visitors. It seems to work like magic. The only down side? Hot coffee in glass. I haven't really had one of these for 6 years, I have had to replace the funnel twice and the pot three times, because I keep breaking it. A cast iron heat diffuser has proven to be an essential accessory for this coffee maker.
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