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Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother BMF600XL

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Hot or cold, the Breville Milk Café creates high quality foam for your cappuccino or latte! Featuring several different frothing settings and easy, set and forget operation, this frother is a great addition to your drink crafting equipment. Great for hot chocolate as well!

Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother BMF600XL Details

Model Number BMF600XL
Width 7.0 inches
Depth 7.0 inches
Height 10.0 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 4.5500
Size 25 oz
Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Breville


a MUST for latte lovers!Review by NYC design
I bought this a few years ago and used it daily to froth the milk or oat milk (OATLY barista blend) for my morning latte. It's so effortless, frothing in a short time while you work on something else. It beeps when done. I wash it in the dish washing machine. No issues at all despite such extensive use for years. I take it when I travel and want to make coffee in my room, even though the base is heavy. For example, if you stay at boutique hotels in Europe, they all have Nespresso machines, but none have a milk frother or even milk, usually. It comes with 2 different magnetic 'tips' that you use in the pitcher. One produces smaller bubbles and less foam, and the other produces a TON of foam (too much for me). I also use 'finely' ground chai powder in this without issue, although you do have to clean the 'tip' after since spices will get stuck in the holes of the tips.....It will beep and stop if any obstruction (i.e. coarse sugar) gets caught in the tip, preventing it from that point, I recommend pouring out the liquid to a cup and rinsing the tip.....that rarely happens if you only froth happens with granulated spices/sugar/powdered cocoa getting caught....HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Most of my smaller kitchen appliances are Breville brand and have lasted forever..... (Posted on 10/18/2018)
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