Urnex Cleancaf Home Espresso Machine & Coffee Pot Cleaner

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Urnex Cleancaf is formulated for regular cleaning and descaling of home drip coffee makers and espresso machines. This citrus based cleaner dissolves mineral, lime scale and coffee oil build-up to help maintain efficient brewing performance, proper temperature and pure coffee flavor. Cleancaf is food safe, non-toxic and flushes easily leaving no residual taste in your equipment. It is recommended to clean and descale home coffee pots and espresso makers once per month assuming average use and water hardness; increased frequency may be required with hard water situations (such as often found with well water). Each box contains three (3) single-use packets.

Application Notes:

  • formulated for regular cleaning & descaling of home drip coffee makers and espresso machines
  • each box contains three (3) single use packets that easily dissolve in machine water tank
  • for home super-automatic machines, only run cleaner through steam wand; do not initiate a brew cycle
  • not for use in commercial type espresso machines where back flushing is required (for these types of machines use Urnex Cafiza Commercial Espresso Machine Cleaner or JoeGlo Espresso Machine Backflush Detergent)


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