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Coffee Grinders

Find your Perfect Home Grinder

A quality coffee grinder is fundamental in laying the groundwork for delicious tasting coffee. Some argue that the grinder is even more important than the brewer itself–and in terms of quality production, it's true that having the tools to create a consistent coffee grind will only improve flavors. To achieve that fresh and creamy quality of a cafe espresso from home, grinding through a batch of fresh whole beans is the only way to go!

Which Grinder Style Works for You?

Burr Coffee Grinders: As with any other grinder, whole beans are loaded into the hopper and fed through to the [burr] grinding mechanism. Once those beans are ground finely enough they can pass through to a removable receptacle or directly into an espresso portafilter depending on the brew method. Grinders using burr technology are known to produce a more consistent and unvaried grind because the burr system necessitates that beans are uniformly sent through a small passageway, and crushed at even levels before they can fit through to the receptacle. These grinders also provide the ability to grind at adjustable levels, with uniformity–allowing flavors to be evenly extracted from each grain as the coffee is made. Particularly high quality burr grinders may also feature a slow speed motor to reduce any heat generated from the friction of grinding, ultimately preserving the intended flavors of the coffee blend.

Blade Coffee Grinders: Blade grinders provide a cost effective and accessible method for grinding through whole coffee beans. These grinders operate so that the blade spins quickly to shred coffee beans–much like crushed ice in a blender. Fineness will vary based on the amount of time spent grinding, but even after grinding for a particularly long time you're likely to see that beans closest to the blade are much finer than those on the outer rim. The blade grinding system uses the same area to store beans in as it uses to process ground coffee, so there's no real way to separate sizes. You might even end up with one whole-bean hopping along the very top of the container throughout the grinding process; however, matched with a coffee filter–the assortment can become more uniform, making the blade grinder a savvy budgetary option for many users. These grinders work particularly well for brewing methods that require a coarser grind such as drip, percolator, and French press.

Hand-Crank Coffee Grinders: Artfully crafted with antique detailing, these elegant grinders have been made for complete functionality and regular daily use. Many of these hand-crank grinders still contain burr grinding mechanisms, making them perfect for the antique lover who enjoys a fresh cup of coffee. Most hand grinders can produce a fine grind that may be used for espresso, and they will maintain the flavors of your blend due to the lower speed beans are ground at; but the time investment for this degree of fineness makes it a bit less convenient than other options. Still, these travel size grinders are an effective stand-in for electrically powered grinders, and many people prefer the hands on feel that they provide.

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