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French Presses

Classically Brewed Coffee: For a Full & Creamy Cup

The modern French Press has come a long way since its original form of design. First crafted with the use of a simple cheese-cloth filter and plunger used to separate coffee grounds from extracted coffee, the modern French Press has been redesigned and refined many times since its original 1929 patent. Its use of a very coarse grind makes this brewer one of the most accessible coffee makers available, as its delicious flavors can be evenly extracted without much need for precision. For those interested in a precise brew, however: Using a recipe of 30g coffee to 150mL water, these coffee makers use their coarse coffee grind to slowly pull full-bodied flavors over the course of a 2-6 minute extraction period (or, about 4 minutes). French Press brewers can also be used to make tea, and cold brews; and, are well loved for their unique flavor production which can easily be packed for portability. The classic French Press creates deliciously flavored coffee in a matter of minutes, allowing users to recreate their favorite flavors with simple access to hot water and coarsely ground beans.

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