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Reusable Cloth Filter for Hario Pour-Over Pot

Hario Cloth Filter Hario Cloth Filter Reusable Cloth Filter for Hario Pour-Over Pot
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Making use of the Reusable Cloth Filters for Hario Pour-Over Pot, will bring a few useful things to the table–firstly, these filters are reusable and in turn also cost effective; and secondly, these filters will leave less impact on the flavors your extraction process will produce. Intended for paring with the Hario's Pour-Over Pot these natural cloth filters are will ensure that only the purest ingredients, reflecting the intended flavors of your blend, will fall into your cup. We recommend hand washing these filters for best results. Packaged as a set of 3 reusable cloth filters.

Size Options: Small (240mL Pot), and Large (480mL Pot)

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    Care and Maintenance

    Techniques may vary. These filters can be reused to the level with which you are comfortable. After use, rinse in hot water until the filter is clear of coffee residue. May be stored in fresh, clean water in your refrigerator.

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  • Depth
    240ml: 0.25 inches | 480ml: 0.5 inches
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    240ml: 5.25 inches | 480ml: 6.24 inches
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