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Urnex Full Circle Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets [3 packets/box]

Urnex Full Circle Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets [3 packets/box]
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All the delicious natural flavors and oils from your fresh coffee beans can easily take a tole on your grinder, but with Full Circle's Grinder Cleaner you can keep your favorite flavors fresh and your coffee side-kick grinding at its best. Made with naturally occurring ingredients and free from harmful chemical compounds that could end up in your morning cup–Full Circle's Grinder Cleaner is designed with care to increase your grinder's service life safely and efficiently. Available to you in pre-dosed packets of three, or in full sized containers.

    Using the Full Circle Grinder Cleaner:
  • Purge remaining coffee beans from grinder
  • Add one full cup, or 35-40 grams of Full Circle Grinder Cleaner to bean hopper
  • Grind through cleaner on a medium grind-level
  • Cycle through 1 cup of regular coffee beans to eliminate remaining cleaner
  • These pellets are wheat-based and may not be suitable for those avoiding gluten.
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    3.0 inches
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    5.0 inches
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