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Lavazza Intenza Plus Water Filter

Lavazza Intenza Plus Water Filter
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Great tasting coffee begins with clean and purified water, but a quality water filter can do more than just improve your coffee flavors. Installing the LavAzza Intenza Plus Water Filter directly into your espresso machine will actively help with maintaining the machine itself. This filter works to remove limescale buildup from inside the water tank, which further prevents that buildup from reaching the machines' internal components. This reduction of scale buildup will effectively maintain water pressure in your machine, cultivating an evenly extracted espresso time after time. Keep things running smoothly so that the quality of your morning cup is always at its peak, with the LavAzza Intenza Plus Water Filter.

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  • Width
    2.0 inches
  • Depth
    1.25 inches
  • Height
    4.50 inches
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