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Saeco Full-Maintenance Kit

Saeco Maintenance Kit Saeco Full-Maintenance Kit
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Eliminate all worries of your espresso machine's supply list, as all the necessary items have already been preselected and organized in Saeco's Full-Maintenance Kit. Specially designed to help users get the most out of their machines, this kit has been fine tuned to provide every item needed to keep your machine in like-new condition year after year. Extend the service-life of your machine and keep your coffee flavors at their peak–with the Saeco Full-Maintenance Kit.

This highly compatible kit will fit all Saeco models except the Vienna, the Royal, and the Magic.

The Saeco Full-Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • One Saeco Brew Unit Lubricant
  • Two Saeco Brew Unit O-Rings (Refer to included printed instructions to see which one will fit best in your machine)
  • One Pipe cleaner
  • Two Saeco Intenza Water Filters
  • Two bottles of Saeco Descaling Solution
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