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Capsule Espresso Machines

The Ultimate Brewing Experience in Convenience

Capsule Espresso Machines offer the ultimate in convenience. Simply place your preground and packaged espresso into its container and select cup-sizing to effortlessly create a delicious and flavorful cup of your favorite hot beverage. Compatible capsules have been crafted from a wide range of coffee brewers including Kimbo, LavAzza, Bristot, and Miscela d'Oro so that flavor quality need not be compromised for convenience.

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Can Capsule Espresso Machines Create Cappuccino or Latte Drinks?

The short answer is: Yes! Although some capsule machines do not come with a milk frothing steam-arm, most capsule machines do have milk frothing functionality as it is a priority for many households. As long as the machine you select comes with a panarello wand or cappuccinatore, preparing milk-based espresso drinks from home will feel like a breeze. If your machine does come with milk frothing equipment, the stand-alone milk frother can also provide a wonderful pairing solution.

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