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Capsule Espresso Machines

Single-Serve Espresso Brewing for Ultimate Convenience

Single-serve capsule espresso machines deliver precise espresso extraction at the touch of a button, with very little mess or cleanup required. Simply insert a capsule pre-filled with ground coffee into the machine and press a button to produce a rich, thick authentic espresso. With compatible espresso capsules available from many fine Italian coffee brands like LavAzza, Kimbo, Miscela d'Oro and Bristot, there is a wide range of blend choice to suite your personal preferences.

Can I make cappuccino and latte drinks with a capsule espresso machine? more

Most of the capsule espresso machines we carry are also equipped with a steam wand or automatic milk frothing system so you can prepare cappuccino and latte drinks; however, please check the product details as some models are designed to brew espresso only. But, even if the machine itself is not equipped to froth milk, stand alone milk frothers are available offering a wonderful solution.

Important Note: Each single-serve capsule espresso machine is design to accept only the specified style of cartridge. We currently carry espresso machines compatible with the following capsule types as noted in the machine descriptions: Espresso Point Capsules, LavAzza BLUE capsules, and Nespresso Original Line capsules.

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