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Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Machines for the Hands-On Espresso Enthusiast

Semi-automatic espresso machines are the most common type for the home or office, featuring an electric pump that creates accurate and steady brewing pressure. These machines are relatively simple to operate and with a little practice you can create rich, authentic espresso, cappuccino and latte as good or better than any cafe. Some trial and error is required to achieve a perfect espresso; however, the primary variables are limited to the espresso bean quality, grind fineness and tamp (ground coffee compaction) pressure. Also, each of the semi-auto machines we carry is equipped with a steam wand so you can froth milk to prepare cappuccino and latte drinks as well. more

Learn More About Semi-Auto Espresso Machines

Following are links to some of our most popular Learning Center guides related to semi-automatic espresso machines. Please browse through these articles if you need a little help deciding if this is the right type of machine for you, or if you're relatively new to brewing espresso at home and would like to see how the process works.

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