Espro Calibrated Espresso Tamper [Black]

Espro Calibrated Espresso Tamper [Black]

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49mm Convex
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51mm Convex
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53mm Convex
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57mm Convex
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58mm Convex
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53mm Flat
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58mm Flat
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This innovative Espro calibrated espresso tamper takes the guesswork out of obtaining an ideal tamp pressure for consistent brewing results. Tamping pressure is an important variable in brewing espresso; if the ground coffee is tamped (or compressed) too hard the espresso can be bitter and over-extracted, if tamped too lightly water flows quickly through the ground coffee resulting in a weak brew with little or no crema. The Espro tamper offers a built-in pressure sensing mechanism that "clicks" as you press down indicating the ideal pressure of 30-lb. has been achieved. This tamper is perfect for the serious home Barista, as well as professionals to ensure a consistent quality product for their customers. Features a heavy weight polished stainless steel base, anodized aluminum handle and options for flat or convex bottom.

  • Espro calibrated espresso tamper
  • built-in mechanism "clicks" when 30-lb. tamp pressure achieved
  • heavy weight polished stainless steel base
  • comfortable anodized aluminum handle
  • weight balanced 60% to the base for barsita tricks
  • sealed mechanism; no maintenance required
  • height: 3-1/3"
  • made in Canada

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Wonderful tamper!
Love the quality of construction and the weight of this espresso tamper. The click makes it very easy to be consistent in your tamp, especially when my wife and I are both pulling shots. Dialing in my grind is easier when both people are tamping consistently. Highly recommended.
Expected just a little more.
This espresso tamper has a great shape, weight, balance and finish. The only thing is the click is not what I was expecting. As you push down the upper portion of the tamper moves down and comes in contack the lower portion of the tamper. This meeting or contact is the click and if you push slowly there isn't much of a sound. I put in on my bathroom scale and the two portions of the tamper would meet around 27 / 28 pounds. I bought the flat 58mm and it is slightly larger the the old 58mm and fits the basket better.
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