LavAzza Coffee & Espresso

LavAzza - A European Tradition for over 115 Years

LavAzza Coffee - Turin, Italy
Turin, Italy

Family owned and operated, the LavAzza roasting facility is located in the northwest Italian city of Turin and features state of the art technology combined with old-world experience. Espresso Zone is a master distributor and direct importer of LavAzza coffee, ensuring a large inventory, competitive pricing and the freshest coffee & espresso available. Please know that LavAzza espresso beans are blended and roasted with creating an exceptional espresso in mind; however, they can also be used to produce wonderfully rich coffee using any type of brewing method. We guarantee all LavAzza coffee will have at least 6-months left on the "Best-By" date (usually much longer) when shipped out, or we will replace it at our expense.

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