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LavAzza Gran Aroma Drip Coffee [pre-ground, 12 oz. bag]

LavAzza Gran Aroma Drip Coffee [pre-ground
In stock

Take a sip of this warm coffee and allow its hushed citric aroma to sweep through your senses. Clear your thoughts with the sunrise alongside the sweet floral blend of Lavazza’s Gran Aroma. With complexities layered into each sip, this coffee will infuse the start of your day with lasting ripples of energy. Preground for added convenience, your first cup is already in motion and just one brewed pot away.

  • Origin -South America
  • Blend -100% Arabica
  • Size - 12 oz. Pre-Ground for Drip Coffee
  • Imported from Italy
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
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    12 oz
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