La Pavoni Europiccola Manual Lever Espresso Machine EPBB-8 [Chrome/Black]

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The La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 manual lever espresso machine is a world class unit, featuring a superbly polished triple-plated chrome finish with black base and a highly efficient design that dates back to 1961. This fine steam pressure, piston operated espresso maker incorporates modern technology and is built to last many years. Design features include a non-corrosive nickel plated brass boiler, stainless steel heating elements and reset safety fuses. The La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 is equipped with a 20 oz. boiler which is capable of making 8 espresso shots. Includes a standard steam wand to froth milk for great cappuccino and latte drinks.

  • La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 manual lever espresso machine
  • triple-plated chrome housing & black enameled steel base
  • 20 oz. nickel plated brass boiler
  • internal thermostat to control pressure
  • stainless steel heating elements
  • standard steam wand to froth milk
  • uses very fine ground espresso only (not compatible with E.S.E. espresso pods)
  • dimensions: 12" high
  • La Pavoni 1-year warranty
  • includes single shot & double shot filter baskets, plastic tamper, coffee scoop & demonstration DVD
  • made in Italy


For the fastidious only
Skeptic New Jersey
I have owned two brands of lever Expresso machines over the last forty years. Three Olympia's (made in Switzerland) and my present La Pavoni (made in Italy). If you want to make an EASY cup of coffee don't even think of getting this one. Getting the Olympia's serviced was a pain. I waited for the last Olympia to die, and had the Pavoni waiting in the wings. If you can find an Olympia and can afford it, get it. It is magnificent, you will not get a better cup of coffee. The Pavoni takes some getting used to, in my case about a month. But, simply put, you cannot compare the quality of the crema that you CAN get of a lever, with the capsule machines.
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