LavAzza Decaf Espresso [pre-ground, 8 oz. can]

LavAzza Decaf Espresso [pre-ground, 8 oz. can]

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LavAzza Espresso Decaffeinato consists of high quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central America with a full-bodied and sweet, long lasting flavor. Convenient vacuum sealed 8 oz. cans, pre-ground fine for espresso machines, stovetop espresso pots and drip coffee makers.

  • LavAzza Espresso Decaffeinato espresso
  • Italian espresso blend, 100% Arabica
  • pre-ground fine for espresso machines, stovetop espresso pots and drip coffee makers
  • vacuum sealed 8 oz. cans
  • decaffeinated using the natural Carbon Dioxide process
  • imported from Italy
  • For your reference: 1 case = 12 cans


LavAzza Decaffeinatred espresso is incredibly good coffee.
Signe Waller , Greensboro, North Carolina, US
LavAzza Decaffeinated Coffee is superb! It's one of the best coffees I've ever tasted, rich, smooth, not at all bitter, very flavorful. I use a little sugar and a non-dairy creamer with the first cup and the second cup I drink black. It is very delicious both ways. I enjoy it so much. I make it in my new Vev Vigano Vespress Stovetop Esperesso Maker I just bought from you, which is elegant. I love using it. It's a treat every time. Best of all, I don't have a caffeine reaction from drinking two cups. I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and easily get the jitters as a reaction to too much caffeine or bad caffeine, By doctor's orders, I can only drink decaf coffee. I love espresso, so this meets my requirements in every way. It is wonderful coffee!
finally, i found a naturally decafinated ground expresso
delicious, sweet, a little goes a long way
Great, espresso without the caffeine overload ,
After a visit to Paris, France I became a huge fan of espresso. I purchased a Cuisinart Espresso maker. I began to use regular espresso of all types. The problem is I felt jittery and over caffeinated for hours. I decided to try a decaf espresso but quickly found that Starbucks and Illy use possibly dangerous chemicals to extract caffeine. So I found the Levazza decaf, it's great. I prepare a "half-caf" using one scoop of decaf and one scoop of regular. Perfect Everytime . I get great taste, a caffeine boost without the overload. Also you can enjoy espresso in the evenings...just like in Paris, with no effect on sleep.
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