LavAzza Espresso Point "Tierra! Fair Trade Espresso" Capsules [100/case]

LavAzza Espresso Point "Tierra! Fair Trade Espresso" Capsules [100/case]

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Tierra! features a 100% Arabica blend of coffees characterized by aromatic notes, delicate with a lightly fruity acidity and floral sweetness. The Tierra! espresso beans used in these espresso point capsules are obtained exclusively from three small-scale coffee growing communities in Honduras, Peru and Columbia as a result of LavAzza's Tierra! sustainable development project. Each case of these LavAzza Espresso Point capsules contains a total of 100 single-use cartridges, packaged in vacuum sealed bags containing two cartridges per bag to preserve freshness.

Please Note: For use in machines that accept "Espresso Point" style capsules only; these capsules do not fit any other type of machine.

  • LavAzza Tierra! Espresso Point capsules
  • 100% Fair Trade Arabica coffee
  • very aromatic, sweet flavor and soft, thick crema
  • case of 100 single-use capsules (packaged in vacuum sealed bags containing 2 capsules per bag)


easy & tasty
enjoy this coffee (hope this Fair Trade one truly results in a living wage paid to workers), and how easy my Lavazza Point machine is.
Great Coffee
Matthew , Chesapeake, Virginia, US
I've been using a Lavazza espresso machine for the last 5 years and I love the ease and taste of it all.
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