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LavAzza Perfetto K-Cups [16/box]

LavAzza Perfetto K-Cups [16/box]
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Allow your daily routine to rest momentarily as you leave your mind to wander through the bold and intoxicating flavors of Lavazza’s Perfetto coffee. Combined with discernment from beans collected in Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil, this Central & South American blend provides copious flavor notes of caramel and chocolate. These flavors are warmly emboldened through the traditional Italian dark roasting process, and pre-packaged in K-Cups for added convenience, achieving a full-bodied richness that will truly stimulate your body to its fullest.

  • Origin - Central and South America
  • Blend - 100% Arabica
  • Size - 16 pack K-Cups
  • Imported from Italy
  • Manufacturer
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