LavAzza Perfetto Drip Coffee [pre-ground, 12 oz. bag]

LavAzza Perfetto Drip Coffee [pre-ground, 12 oz. bag]

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LavAzza Perfetto is a premium 100% Arabica blend offers a bold and characteristically Italian dark flavor profile with lingering caramel notes. Perfetto is dark (espresso) roasted featuring coffees from Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil. Convenient 12 oz. bags, medium grind for drip coffee makers, French presses, percolators, pour-over and vacuum brewers.

  • LavAzza Perfetto drip coffee
  • 100% Arabica Italian coffee blend
  • pre-ground medium for drip coffee makers, French presses, percolators, pour-over and vacuum brewers
  • 12 oz. vacuum sealed bags
  • imported from Italy
  • For your reference: 1 case = 6 bags


We adore the demo lady at our super market so we gave LavAzza a try. I have been trying different coffees for years trying to match the taste I remember it could be. This is wonderful. I don't even really know what espresso is or isn't supposed to be. I do know that this coffee is DELICIOUS. I have to try the others to see if it could possibly be any better but I'm already sure that this is a brand to count on enjoying.
I've used it in the expresso machine
Love this coffee! I used it in my espresso machine when I ran out of espresso grind one day and found it delightful and have used ever since.
Best cup of espresso without a machine!
I got some Lavazza Perfetto drip coffee as part of a gift sampler package. Making a half cup in the afternoon has become a new, happy routine. I use about three spoons in a single cup drip coffee maker (Melita). I pour enough boiling water to make about half a cup. The result is as close to an espresso machine-made cup as I can make at home. It even produces the light brown creme, although most of that remains in the filter. It's the best cup of espresso I can get without a machine!
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