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Espresso Tamper Sizing Guide

How to Choose the Best Espresso Tamper Size for Your Machine

Setting up a perfect shot with the correct espresso tamper!

Setting up a perfect shot with the correct espresso tamper!

Correctly sized, an espresso tamper should be slightly smaller than the inside diameter of your espresso machine filter basket, so you can evenly compact the ground coffee without the tamper binding. The best method to identify correct tamper size is to measure the exact inside diameter of your filter basket using machinist calipers, then select a tamper slightly smaller than this measurement. In the event that you do not have access to a set of calipers, you can also use a steel measuring tape with 1/32" divisions and a very careful eye and steady hand to take the measurement and then convert it to millimeters as follows:

  1. Measure the largest distance inside the filter basket across the centerline.
  2. Convert the measurement to decimal units (for example, 1/8" = 1 divided by 8 = 0.125").
  3. Multiply the resulting measurement (inches) by 25.4 to convert to millimeters.
  4. Select a tamper slightly smaller (at least 0.75mm for clearance) than your filter basket measurement.

Tamper Sizing Example

  1. Using a steel tape you determine the inside diameter of your filter basket measures 2-10/32".
  2. Convert to decimal units: 10/32 + 2 = 2.3125".
  3. Convert to millimeters: 2.3125" x 25.4 = 58.74mm.
  4. The espresso tamper that you like is available in sizes 49mm, 53mm and 58mm; therefore, the best fit would be 58mm.

Espresso Tamper Size Reference Chart

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In addition, over the years Espresso Zone has compiled the following list of tampers for many popular espresso machines to assist with your selection. However, please note that actual measurement of your filter basket is always the most reliable method; although we went to much effort to validate the following sizes, we cannot guarantee them as sometimes variations are made by manufacturers within a given model or based on the year the machine was manufactured. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any question and we would be happy to assist with tamper sizing.

Home Espresso Machines Suggested Tamper Size
Ascaso 57 mm
Bodum Granos 51 mm
Breville (800 Series) 51 mm
Breville (Barista Express, BES870XL & BES860XL) (Infuser, BES840XL) (Duo-Temp Pro, BES810BSS) 53 mm
Breville (Dual Boiler, BES900XL & BES920XL) 58 mm
Cuisinart 51 mm
Delonghi (newer machines) 51 mm
Delonghi (older machines) 49 mm
ECM Botticelli 58 mm
ECM Cellini, Giotto 58 mm
Espressione Cafe Retro, Cafe Novecento 58 mm
Estro 53 mm
Faema Family 53 mm
Francis!Francis! X1 (new version) 56 mm
Francis!Francis! X1 (old version) 52 mm (or 53 mm*)
Francis!Francis! X3 57 mm
Gaggia (semi-auto machines) 58 mm
Gaggia Factory (lever machines) 51 mm
Innova 57 mm
Kitchen Aid Proline 58 mm
Krups 49 to 52 mm (verify)
La Pavoni Club Combo, Duet, Napolitana 57 mm
La Pavoni lever machines (mfg. 1999 and newer) 51 mm
La Pavoni lever machines (mfg. pre 1999) 49 mm
La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si 53 mm
La Riveria 45 mm
La Spaziale 53 mm
La Valentina 58 mm
Mokita 55 mm
Mypressi Twist 53 mm
Olympia Club, Cremina, Express 49 mm
Pasquini Livia 90 58 mm
Quick Mill 58 mm
Rancilio Silvia 58 mm
Saeco 53 mm
Solis 53 mm
Starbuck's Barista 52 mm (or 53 mm*)
Commercial Espresso Machines Suggested Tamper Size
Astoria 58 mm
Astra 56 mm
Aurora 56 mm
Azkoyen 58 mm
Bezzera 58 mm
Brasilia 58 mm
Bunn 58 mm
Caramali 58 mm
Cimbali (other) 57 mm
Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 58 mm
Conti 58 mm
ECM 58 mm
Elektra 58 mm
Expobar 58 mm
Faema 58 mm
Florenzato 58 mm
Futurmat 58 mm
Gaggia 58 mm
Grimac 58 mm
Isomac 58 mm
La Marzocco 57 or 58 mm (verify)
La Scala 58 mm
La Spaziale 52 mm
Nuova Simonelli 58 mm
Olympia Cremina 49 mm
Pasquini 58 mm
Rancilio 58 mm
Reneka 56 mm
San Marco 55 mm
Spaziale 52 mm
Synesso 58 mm
Unic 56 mm
VFA 58 mm
Wega 58 mm

* These espresso machines technically have a 53 mm basket; however, we have found that a 53 mm tamper can be a tight fit. Therefore, it may be best to use a 52 mm tamper if available for ease of use.

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