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Top-Off your Shot with a Quality Tamper

Whether you're making coffee at home, or in a professional setting–a well fitted tamper is essential with use of a SemiAuto Espresso Machine for creating a quality espresso. Without tamping your coffee, your freshly ground beans will sit loosely inside your portafilter resulting in a diluted and flavorless shot. A quality tamp will compact your grounds together, and create a tightly packed bed of coffee for your high temperature water to slowly pass through, gathering full flavor and crema as it is developed into delicious espresso. Different espresso machines vary in size, which equates to differently sized portafilters and tamps–and for that reason it is important to check your manual for the correct size before taking home a new tamper. Common tamp sizes include 58mm, 57mm, 53mm, and 51mm, each of which are included in our selection of quality tools.

Choosing the Right Size Tamper

When using a tamper that is too small, the coffee that sits outside of its diameter will be left unpressed and will become over-extracted resulting in bitter flavored espresso. When using a tamper too large–the tamper will not fit correctly into your portafilter making it difficult to apply the recommended 30lb's of pressure evenly. Most machine manufacturers recognize the importance of this feature and will state the correct tamper size inside their user manual (manuals are often available through online sources). We have also compiled additional information to assist with this process in our Learning Center Guide, which can be found by following the link provided below. Step-by-step sizing instructions, as well as a convenient tamper-sizing chart, have been created to detail the size compatibility for many popular home & commercial espresso machines.

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