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Frothing Pitchers

Frothing pitchers are used as a vessel for steaming milk in preparation of cappuccino and latte style drinks. Many people prefer these pitchers because they are durable and conduct heat well, where glass materials might otherwise shatter from exposure to the sudden combination of heat and pressure. Metal frothing pitchers are commonly used for their communicative quality in conveying temperatures; in fact, many a savvy barista will determine the finished status of their milk by gauging temperature on the outside of the pitcher. There are more precise alternatives to this however, including use of a thermometer and rubber-lined pitcher.

How to Select a Size

Most home espresso machines use frothing pitchers sized in the 8-24 oz. range, allowing users to create sizes about even with what they might order from a cafe. Be sure to allow space for the milk to expand inside the pitcher as it becomes aerated and steamed: A good rule of thumb is to pour milk no further than just below the bottom indentation of the pouring spout. Pitchers larger than 24-oz. are mainly designed for commercial settings because their size generally makes them difficult to fit under the steam wand of home machines. These larger pitchers are useful when creating frothed milk for more than one drink at a time, however, making them a nice option for coffee-enthusiast families.

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