Urnex Cafiza Super-Auto Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets [8 tablet card]

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Urnex Cafiza Home cleaning tablets are specially formulated for cleaning built-up coffee oils and residue from the brew group in home super-automatic espresso machines. Regular and effective cleaning of the brew group assembly is essential in preventing rancid coffee oils and mineral deposits from tainting the flavor of your coffee or restricting water flow. Eight (8) tablets per box, packaged on a convenient blister card.

Typical Application Instructions:

Please Note: Many super-automatic espresso machines have very specific cleaning routines specified by the manufacturer in the user manual; therefore, it is always recommended to check your manual before initiating a cleaning regimen. The following described guidelines are typical and applicable to most home machines.

Super-Auto espresso machines that are equipped with a bypass coffee doser (often referred to as a "pre-ground" feature):

  1. press the button as you normally would to initiate the pre-ground feature and insert a Cafiza Home cleaning tablet into the bypass doser.
  2. press the brew button; the machine will go through the normal brew cycle using the cleaning tablet instead of ground coffee.
  3. repeat the above process three (3) additional times without adding any more cleaning tablets; this will complete the cleaning process and flush most of the cleaner from the brew group.
  4. finally, remove the brew group from your machine and rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove any residual cleaning product and re-install.

Super-Auto espresso machines that do not have a bypass coffee doser:

  1. dissolve one Cafiza Home cleaning tablet in approximately 8-oz. of very hot water
  2. remove the brew group from your machine and scrub the metal filter plates and coffee passages using the above solution and a small brush or lint-free rag.
    * do not immerse the brew group in the cleaning solution
  3. finally, rinse the brew group thoroughly with clean water to remove any residual cleaning product and re-install.

Application Notes:


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