Velox Electric Espresso Maker

Velox Electric Espresso Maker

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2 cup/3 oz.
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Miscela d'Oro Gusto Classico Espresso [pre-ground, 8.8 oz. brick]

Miscela d'Oro Gusto Classico Espresso [pre-ground, 8.8 oz. brick]

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Enjoy perfectly brewed espresso coffee at home, office or while traveling with this convenient Velox electric espresso maker. These portable Velox espresso makers feature a stainless steel case and filter basket with sturdy ABS plastic top & bottom housings. Espresso is brewed and dispensed out the spouts at the perfect temperature without a stove, simply add water and ground espresso then plug the unit into a standard 110V wall outlet. These Velox espresso makers self-contained and compact making a great travel companion!

  • Velox electric espresso maker
  • stainless steel case and filter basket
  • sturdy ABS plastic top and bottom housings
  • dimensions:
    • 2-cup (3 oz.): 6-5/8: tall
  • made in Italy


I had three Velox machines in the past. One for one cup and two of two cups.I found to be excellent when I travel. I have used them every time on my cruises o whatever we travel. It is great, as we are heavy drinkers of Expresso Coffee. I will recomend them 100%. Now I am looking for a one or two cups, but they are hard to find. Hope that this Co. will let me know when they are available again
Great machine, a bit over priced
I got this a couple months ago becasue I love a little espresso in the morning but hate dealing with the lines at places like Starbucks and such. This little machine does it's job and it does it well. I like that it is 100% steam driven, no moving parts. The espresso it makes tastes great and better than anything I got a chain coffee house. It's only draw back I feel is the price. For what it actually is, I think it is about $10-$15 overpriced. That said, it is more expensive at other places. User hint: After your cup of joy is made, go sit down and enjoy it. let the device sit for 15-20 mins before you clean it. It gets CRAZY hot and I garauntee you will burn yourself if you try to empty and clean immediately after brewing.
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