Velox Electric Espresso Maker

Velox Electric Espresso Maker

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2 cup/3 oz.



Enjoy perfectly brewed espresso coffee at home, office or while traveling with this convenient Velox electric espresso maker. These portable Velox espresso makers feature a stainless steel case and filter basket with sturdy ABS plastic top & bottom housings. Espresso is brewed and dispensed out the spouts at the perfect temperature without a stove, simply add water and ground espresso then plug the unit into a standard 110V wall outlet. These Velox espresso makers self-contained and compact making a great travel companion!

  • Velox electric espresso maker
  • stainless steel case and filter basket
  • sturdy ABS plastic top and bottom housings
  • dimensions:
    • 2-cup (3 oz.): 6-5/8: tall
  • made in Italy


Excellent but...
We are on our second Velox 2-cup machine, with the first one lasting more than 20 years, and after all those years it died the first time we used it in Europe. The bottom of the machine says 110-240V / 80-240W so we assumed it would be ok with the electricity difference in Europe by just using an adapter (like most travel appliance which are built to accept the higher wattage). Unfortunately, it didn’t and it fried. Therefore take note that you need a power CONVERTER to use it anywhere that uses more than 110W.
I had three Velox machines in the past. One for one cup and two of two cups.I found to be excellent when I travel. I have used them every time on my cruises o whatever we travel. It is great, as we are heavy drinkers of Expresso Coffee. I will recomend them 100%. Now I am looking for a one or two cups, but they are hard to find. Hope that this Co. will let me know when they are available again
Great machine, a bit over priced
I got this a couple months ago becasue I love a little espresso in the morning but hate dealing with the lines at places like Starbucks and such. This little machine does it's job and it does it well. I like that it is 100% steam driven, no moving parts. The espresso it makes tastes great and better than anything I got a chain coffee house. It's only draw back I feel is the price. For what it actually is, I think it is about $10-$15 overpriced. That said, it is more expensive at other places. User hint: After your cup of joy is made, go sit down and enjoy it. let the device sit for 15-20 mins before you clean it. It gets CRAZY hot and I garauntee you will burn yourself if you try to empty and clean immediately after brewing.
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